Work with us.

The 258 web company was established to bridge the gap between technology and consultants. By providing technical solutions we enable you to spend your time on your expertise.

Our services help clients. Projects can involve services from just 1 one these groupings, but using all of them will create the best result for the long-term.


Our approach involves understanding what systems you have in place, where the gaps are, as well what you already have going for you. Together we'll hatch a plan that will be developed, approved, and can be followed us with custom training to make the plan run.


It's key to a successful plan is understanding the needs of the user.

  1. We understand your needs and goals
  2. We identify what you have in place
  3. We define the audience/brand relation
  4. We agree upon key perfomance indicators


Before we develop we take a measure twice, cut once approach.

  1. We first understand the user
  2. We come to understand the user's path
  3. We align their path with your goals
  4. We spitball some solutions
  5. We present them for approval
  6. We make our plan for developing your solution.


The plan is developed, your marketing tech stack will be on its way!

  • CMS - Publish, edit, and manage your content. Storage and consistancy made easy!
  • DMP - Data management platform - Collect, sort, and store information, and deliver it to marketing in useful ways.
  • EDW - Enterprise Data Wherehouse
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management
  • Back office stack
  • ETL


Failing to plan is planning to fail. KPI's!

  • Data Visualization
  • Attribution
  • Analysis, Predictive & Modelling