Saint Paul & Minneapolis Web Design and Internet Marketing

The 25/8 Web Co. is a full service Twin Cities web design company that is committed to providing small to medium size businesses and non-profits.with websites that are fully equipped for the ever changing online market place.  Every website we build is mindfully crafted to the latest best practices in on page search engine optimization (SEO) along with integrating all the benefits of social media.

A Web Design Company That Can Bring Your Vision To Life

As we both know, one of the keys to winning in business is to get others to see what you see.  If you can make that happen it's sure to pay off!  When it comes to your website the challenge is that you need to make your web design company see that image crystal clear so they can in turn present that vision to the market.  This is where 25/8 really shines because we see the world through business eyes and know the right questions to ask to complete the picture.  The more this can be achieved, the more likely it is to pay off!

Progressive Website Development

Here at The 25/8 Web Co. our goal is to stay busy because we love what we do, but also because we really like to help small business grow.  We've been on the internet wave since before the bubble burst back in 2002 and over the past 10 years we've seen the internet simply take over the world of marketing.  It's one of our core beliefs that businesses that have sustained up to this point offiline and can easily recover the investment in their website simply off their existing customer base by giving that one extra point of contact where they can get their questions answered outside of business hours.

Taking the step to make that initial investment in a website just to get a solid presence up and running is something that you can begin developing the rest of your online presence around such as content, social media, and (Local) SEO.  Realistically you should take into account that it will usually take a month to get these bases covered from the time you have a basic website up.  Once these avenues start bringing in traffic (tracking provided) you will get some idea of how you want to move forward with your website and over that period if you have that existing customer base it will bring in enough business to make it worth reinvesting further into a direction where you have some insight behind you.

You Control The Content With CMS!

Years ago it made sense to code a website page by page, but over the course of time your average site grew into a substantial number of pages, espectially with the introduction of E-Commerce and the Blog.  So in order to keep pace with making site wide updates and upgrades websites are now developed on platforms known as Content Management Systems (CMS) so if changes had to be made it was much more manageable for site owners to be able to control their own content without having to know any code.  On the otherside of the coin numerous technologies can be integrated and site wide changes simply take less time which in turn saves you money.

We Are A Minnesota Drupal Web Development Company

What this means is that we use a platform known as Drupal.  If you've been browsing around other sites you may have encountered other big names like Wordpress and Joomla and they're not bad platforms, but in our professional opinion we view the capabilities of the Drupal platform to be more comprehensive and user friendly for those that have to administer the site on a day-to-day basis.

You Vs. The System Shouldn't Be A Contest

Once your basic site is up and running we are more than happy to sit down with you and show you how to use it.  Often times a website will work itself into a daily work and the more tasks that you can hand over to automation the more time you will save and less things are likely to go wrong.  When we build, redesign, or extend a website one thing that we make sure to do is understand the workflow of who is going be using it and how it will be used.  Once that balance is struck then the whole matter of trying new things online simply become that much easier.